Val Stepien, LCSW - Holistic Counseling and Consultation
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I am a Licensed Professional Psychotherapist who has been providing counseling and consultation to individuals, couples and families for over 30 years.  I have worked with people of all ages addressing concerns related to life transitions, self esteem, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief and loss, trauma and a variety of other  issues.  My focus is to assist others in reconnecting to their sense of wholeness.  I work with individuals and couples, as well as families with adult children.  

Included in my work is teaching mindfulness practices, which help us to cope with whatever Life may bring and  creates an increased sense of wellbeing. Learning the art of "pausing" is essential, for it is here that we can learn to go within and discover what it is we are truly feeling, needing and wanting, both from ourselves and from others.  I very much believe in the idea that "freedom is the capacity to pause between stimulus and response", and in this world of much busyness and multi-tasking, many of us do not know how to pause and go inward to listen to our deepest selves and our own inner wisdom. 

I am a holistic practitioner and believe it is important to include mind, body and spirit in healing.  Thus I utilize mind-body methods, including Hakomi, Voice Dialogue and Guided Imagery, among other modalities.

I also teach meditation to individuals and groups and provide classes in this through Mayu Sanctuary.

In addition to this, I work with seniors and people with medical issues who are adjusting to changes in their lives. I am  available to meet with you in your home or facility, if you are unable to get to me.  Home based therapy is a good option  for those who would find it difficult to get to an  office.

My office is located at 323 S. Pearl St. in Denver.  Call 720-314-8123 to set up an office or home visit, or to get more information about my services or to set up a free 1/2 hour consult.

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