Val Stepien, LCSW - Holistic Counseling and Consultation
About Val
It is my belief that when life's difficulties arise, it is essential to have lots of support.  In our society, it is often thought of as weak to ask for help.   I believe just the opposite.  I think it takes a lot of wisdom to know when we need assistance.  We humans are meant to be part of a community.  We all have times when we give and receive.  Life is a circle.  Sometimes in this circle, we are able to give a lot to others.  Sometimes we need to be willing to receive. I welcome the opportunity to serve you as you are dealing with life's difficulties. 
My approach in working with people is whole-person oriented.  I consider all aspects of a person's life to be relevant - the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.
323 S. Pearl St.  Denver, CO 80209
Phone:  720-314-8123
Home Based Counseling.
If you are unable to travel due to medical or transportation issues, I can meet with you in your home.  Call 720-314-8123 for more information.
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